The operating expenses, property taxes and other rents in your lease are costing you as much as your base rent and deserve the same due diligence. What’s your cost savings strategy?

 NO RISK Lease Audits

Cost savings are key to any successful enterprise. Base rent is a given but the savings inherent in giving due diligence to the other 50% of your lease costs are substantial and directly impact your bottom line.

360’s deep-dive analysis, proven proprietary processes and innovative strategies uncover the errors, oversights, inconsistencies and areas of non-compliance hidden in your lease. And we deliver them squarely back to your bottom line.


Lease Negotiation

Most large space leases are for terms of 10 years or more. They’re complex. They’re tricky. They’re tough to negotiate. They’re even tougher to stand by through lengthy negotiations. And, they’re written in favour of the landlord.

360 has the knowledge, skills and insights that only come from a wealth of experience and expertise participating in these complex, cumbersome negotiations with landlords. We understand their language, their billing practices and commerial real estate conditions.

There’s little we haven’t dealt with. A poorly negotiated lease for 10 years can cost you dearly. And 360 could be your most valuable asset.


Get started now. A no-risk audit can only save you money. 360 charges on a contingency basis – you’re in complete control of the entire process and we’re only paid based on what we deliver to your bottom line.